XT Stabilizer Fin

XT Stabilizer Fin

The XT™ (extendable fin) system delivers roll reduction underway and Zero Speed™ performance while reducing both the fin footprint and appendage drag. Variable geometry fins extend only when needed: at anchor. Underway, the extensions retract into the fin body to reduce drag, making XT™ systems well suited for vessels with high service speeds. In many cases, the availability of XT™ fins means that your vessel can achieve Zero Speed™ capability with two fins, as opposed to four.

XT™ stabilizer system benefits:

  • Less drag
  • More efficient fin design
  • Reduced space and weight in vessel
  • Optimized for underway and Zero Speed™ performance

Quantum offers six standard XT™ Systems as well as a variety of custom solutions, all extensively model tested and field proven.

XT Fins PDF Files XT™ PDF Fin Files

QC1200XT | QC1500XT | QC1800XT | QC2200XT | QC2400XT | QC2600XT | QC3600XT

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QC1000 |QC1200 | QC1500 | QC1800 | QC2200 | QC2400 | QC2600 | QC3600