XT Power Units

Quantum QuietPack

Quantum XT™ (Extendable Fin) systems utilize hydraulic cylinders to extend the foil contained within the body of the stabilizer fin. Each fin's extend-retract cylinder is powered by the single onboard XT™ Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU).

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Quantum designed the XT™ HPU to be independent of the main stabilizer hydraulic system to enable the use of eco-friendly hydraulic fluid in the submerged XT™ extend-retract cylinder.The XT™ HPU panel holds the fluid reservoir which contains an immersed hydraulic pump, and the electrical control box. The tank and control box can be removed from the panel for added installation flexibility. The unit offers visual display of foil position and numerous feedback and gauging points.

QVP Whisper Hydraulic Vane Pump

New style and quieter hydraulic pump kit available for both new and retrofit installations.

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PDF File Quantum HPU XT Type2