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Quantum leads the marine industry in designing, engineering, and implementing dual-purpose roll dampening systems for yachts, and for commercial and military vessels. Over the past eight years we have replaced more than 60 systems supplied by other companies due to unsatisfactory performance, while no Quantum stabilization system has ever been removed. No other company can make this claim.

Proprietary systems by Quantum include:

  • Zero Speed™ - the world’s premiere stabilization system for yachts both at anchor and underway.
  • MAGLift™ - rotating cylinders generate lift proportional to the direction and speed of rotation, providing exceptional roll reduction at anchor and at lower speeds, and retract while at higher speed.
  • XT Fins™ - extend to increase fin area for maximum performance at anchor, and retract within themselves while underway.
  • ARCHER™ - the Advanced Ride Control High-Speed Extendable Retractable (ARCHER) uses retractable winglets to control pitch, roll, and trim for large and high-speed vessels.