Matching Quantum equipment to the specific requirements of your yacht, or commercial or military project, demands experience, great technical knowledge, coordination with shipyard and builder schedules, deep knowledge of class and survey requirements, and a firm hand on the tiller from contract through commissioning. Quantum's sales team of Mark Armstrong, Peter Florence, and John Allen combines decades of nautical, production, and service experience in each of their areas of particular expertise: Mark Armstrong, for all military and commercial new equipment sales; Peter Florence, for retrofit yacht and commercial sales; and John Allen, for new equipment yacht sales.

Quantum roll stabilizer equipment's reputation for quality performance, fit, and finish relies on these dedicated sales professionals and their attention to detail in every step of the sales process. Communication, dedication to customer service, and the technical knowledge and product experience to make each Quantum stabilizer system the perfect fit for each vessel's unique requirements, schedule, class, survey, and specification are the hallmark of each professionally executed stabilizer sales, installation, and commissioning project.

Quantum Technical Sales Professionals:

Mark Armstrong- commercial and military sales, yachts- , Cell: +1 954.330.8081, Tel. +1 479.253.7553, Skype: mark.armstrong4.

Peter Florence- retrofit, yacht and commercial sales-

John Allen- new equipment, yacht sales-, Cell: +1 954.328.3632, Tel +1 954.587.4205, Skype: quantum-jallen.

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