ARCHER™ - (Advanced Ride Control High Speed Extendable Retractable) - provides pitch, roll and trim control for high speed yachts using retractable winglets built into active trim tabs.

The design incorporates a hollow section trim tab with a hydraulically actuated and electronically controlled extendable winglet which extends from inside the trim tab and retracts inside the tab when not in use. ARCHER™, intended for vessels in the 80 - 200 foot range with speeds of 25 - 50 knots, is in development for larger yachts and commercial vessels up to 250 feet in length.

ARCHER™ utilizes Quantum's SMC4000 or ARC3010 control

When sea conditions demand enhanced roll and pitch control, selecting "full deployment mode" extends the foil section winglets to increase the control forces, and activates the acceleration sensor and control for pitch, the angle and velocity sensor and control for roll, and the trim tab attitude control for trim.