Retrofit and Service Division

Peter Florence For Quantum Retrofits

Quantum introduced Zero Speed™ through retrofits- the first customers to benefit from stabilizers that worked at anchor or while drifting, as well as underway, were long-time Quantum service customers who recognized the value, and the potential, of an exciting new technology. Today, yachts that were built before or without Zero Speed™ can upgrade through our Retrofit and Service Division, headed by Peter Florence, one of the foremost Vosper stabilizer experts in the world. Email Peter at

Since 2000, Quantum has upgraded or replaced hundreds of stabilizer systems for owners seeking the comfort and advantages Zero Speed™ delivers. All retrofit projects rely on experienced Quantum engineers and managers who provide support to the shipyard and vessel representatives, ensuring results that exceed customer expectations.

If your vessel currently is equipped with Vosper stabilizers, upgrade options include replacing your control with the Quantum ARC or SMC series of multi-term digital controls, the industry standard and the most sophisticated underway stabilizer system controllers available. OnAnchor™, our name for the retrofit process for Vosper systems bringing full Zero Speed™ capabilities, is also available.

Quantum's Retrofit and Service Division is your worldwide contact for parts and service. For retrofit options and consultation, and for Vosper service contact Peter Florence today at +1 954-587-8901, his direct line at Quantum's offices. Or, email Peter at

For complete system replacements contact:
Mark Armstrong 954-587-4205
John Allen 954-587-4205
Peter Florence 954-587-8901.