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QME Applications

Quantum, the home of Zero Speed™, the world’s first hydraulic fin stabilizer system capable of roll reduction at anchor, while drifting, or underway, produces complete roll stabilizer systems for all types of vessels- private and charter yacht, commercial, and military.

Stabilizer Products:

  • Zero Speed™- comfort control underway, at anchor, or while drifting
  • OnAnchor™ - let us upgrade your existing Vosper system to take advantage of Zero Speed™ technology
  • MAGLift™- rotary stabilizer's using the Magnus effect, retractable rotating cylinders effective at anchor and low speed
  • XT™ fins- Quantum XT™ or extendable fins retract for less drag at speed, and extend for maximum roll reduction at anchor
  • ARCHER™- retractable winglets precisely controlled to reduce pitch, roll, and trim for large and high-speed vessels

Stabilizer System Controls:

  • Adaptive Stabilizer Control- Quantum's ARC series of electronic controls work with our fin, rotor, and trim tab products, and can be adapted to other systems including Vosper stabilizers.
  • SMC – Quantum’s advanced control and display

Hydraulic Power Systems:

  • QuietPack™- dedicated hydraulic power units for Quantum stabilizer systems
  • Integrated Hydraulic Systems- capable of powering all onboard hydraulic consumers
  • XT ™ Power Unit- independent power unit for extending and retracting
  • Modular Power Systems- remote or modular components for use in tight spaces
  • Consolidated Hydraulic Panel- simplify installation and service by mounting and plumbing a hull unit's hydraulic components on a single panel


  • Rotary systems used for close support, positioning
    • Precise bow and stern control

Bow Steering:

  • Rotary steering systems
    • Supplemental for precision maneuvering when course or position is critical
    • Retractable

Quantum provides complete comfort and roll control solutions at any vessel speed with a wide range of products and technologies, backed by world-famous Quantum service and customer care. Global service, comprehensive warranty, technical sales coordination and engineering, and our passion for innovation and quality complement Quantum stabilizer systems and products.

For more information, please contact:

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