Adaptive Stabilizer Control

Quantum Controls ARC 3001

Quantum designed and produced ARC and SMC control systems work with hydraulically actuated stabilizer products, including fin stabilizer systems, rotor stabilizer systems, and trim tab systems. Quantum control systems feature Adaptive Logic, an advanced stabilizer control concept that reads, and adapts to, changing sea and vessel states to optimize stabilizer performance, minimizing manual adjustments.

Quantum stabilizer control systems, produced with a minimum number of components to ease installation, include the display and operator interface, a Control Head Control Box (SMC systems only), our Roll Sensor Control Module, which collects vessel roll motion data, and the Fin Position sensor.

Working together to collect vessel roll motion data and system feedback in real time, the Quantum ARC and SMC controls provide immediate response and instruction to the stabilizer hydraulic components. Operators fine tune the system if and as required- those settings become the basis for 'setting and forgetting' as Adaptive Logic takes over. Quantum control systems can be retrofitted, and our new touch-screen SMC series provides advanced control capabilities for all Quantum systems, including XT™ and MAGLift™.

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