Commercial Vessel Applications

QME Commercial Applications


Quantum stabilizer systems provide roll reduction and comfort control for commercial, military, and yachting applications. Quantum, home of Zero Speed™ and OnAnchor™, has fin stabilizer and Magnus effect systems that reduce roll for a safer, more profitable commercial vessel.

Commercial applications for Quantum stabilizers include:

  • Expedition Vessels
  • Platform Supply Vessels
  • Passenger Ferries
  • Research Vessels
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Oil Recovery Vessels
  • Chemical Recovery Vessels
  • Floating Docks
  • Submersibles
  • High Speed Craft
  • Off Shore Supply Vessels

  • Increased offshore resource exploration, collection and construction activity demand a stable environment. Quantum roll stabilizer systems make commercial vessels safe, fast and versatile transporters of goods and people in the most challenging seas.

    Stabilization Benefits for Commercial Applications:

  • Increased crew safety and comfort, even at Zero Speed™
  • Increased operational window by reducing the effects of weather and sea conditions
  • Enhanced revenue stream from stabilizer equipped passenger charter or rental vessels
  • Enhanced sea-keeping capabilities (course keeping and passage-making)
  • Increase crew retention- reduce fatigue, greater onboard comfort
  • High system reliability and availability
  • Enhanced vessel desirability at resale
  • Station keeping and slow speed operations
  • Fuel saving- increased operational efficiency
  • Proven design - over 550 systems delivered and in use

  • Quantum, the first company to successfully implement Zero Speed™ stabilization technology designed to stabilize vessels underway, at anchor, or while drifting, includes MAGLift™ rotary stabilizers and rotor steering systems, and the patented XT™ (extendable) fin system in our stabilizer and comfort control product line. We can deliver solutions suited for vessels above 24 meters (80 ft.) in length based on our wide range of standard design systems, as well as our extensive selection of standard design hydraulic power units.

    Other products:

    Quantum Rotor Steering Systems:
    Employed by certain classes of commercial vessels for close support, such as connected replenishment and other maneuvers requiring precise vessel positioning. Rotor steering, similar to our MAGLift™ rotary stabilizers, helps barges, supply vessels, and other vessels transiting tight navigational corridors or restricted anchorages maintain an exact heading.

    Quantum Integrated Hydraulic Systems:
    Eliminate the need for a dedicated hydraulic unit per system, saving both space and weight aboard vessels. One Quantum integrated hydraulic system can simultaneously power all of these typical hydraulic functions:

  • Stabilizer Systems
  • Bow and Stern Thrusters
  • Cranes and Davits
  • Hydraulic Shell Doors
  • Anchor Windlasses
  • Gangways and Passerelles

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