New Builds


Because we manage all aspects of production and commercial operations in-house, Quantum is able to guarantee the performance of every system introduced to the market. Each production staff unit is supervised by an experienced production engineer, creating a strong system of quality assurance at every point in the development process.

Though Quantum addresses the needs of many markets, the mega yacht market has always been our primary focus. Over the years, the Quantum brand has been acclaimed among established yacht builders for its responsiveness, reliability and quality. The company’s reputation for excellence originates with our sales team, which is quick to respond to all inquiries and requests for technical data from both yacht builders and end users. Yacht builders can also rely on Quantum for technical support throughout new yacht construction projects. Quantum strives to create a mutually beneficial relationship with the shipbuilder, wherein the Quantum team can provide a valuable final product to directly benefit both builder and buyer.

Quantum is proud of having the largest number of zero-speed stabilizers installed on new vessels in the mega yacht market.