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Quantum, experienced in producing stand-alone hydraulic power systems for stabilizers, pioneered the design and development of integrated hydraulic systems for marine applications, and has continued to innovate in this field throughout the past 18 years. Quantum offers five standard platforms, which are configured into customized central hydraulic systems to meet almost any vessel's needs.

QVP Whisper Hydraulic Vane Pump

New style and quieter hydraulic pump kit available for both new and retrofit installations.

Click for PDF QVP Whisper Vane Pump Kit

The QuietPack™ system powers Quantum's Zero Speed™ stabilizers, and is ideal for single-purpose applications. Integrated Systems can use and control multiple power sources- engine and generator driven pumps in addition to the Quantum Integrated Hydraulic System electric motors and pumps- conserving space and weight aboard vessels by eliminating the need for a dedicated hydraulic power supply for each hydraulic consumer.

Electronically controlled Quantum Integrated Hydraulic Systems produce and deliver the correct pressure and flow for each specific onboard hydraulic consumer as needed, and on demand.


New one speed drive power supply solution.


All Quantum stabilizer and integrated hydraulic system power units rely on Danfoss digital one speed drive power supply solutions. One speed drives reduce the starting loads on the electric motors and the vessel's generators or shore power supply system, providing smoother, quieter operation and longer service life. Danfoss one speed drives feature simple installation, no line reactors, an integral bypass contactor to eliminate harmonic distortion on the ship's buss, and are fully programmable with a simple LCD interface.