Quantum's 16 year quest to improve yachting has pioneered the world's most advanced technologies in yacht stabilizers and commercial and military vessel roll reduction.


  • Quantum delivers Zero Speed™, the first successful dual-purpose yacht stabilizer system that reduces roll at anchor, while drifting, or underway
  • Advancements in roll reduction for a wide variety of vessel hull configurations


  • Quantum harnesses the Magnus effect to create the MAGLift™ system, which reduces drag at any speed and stabilizes vessels at rest.
  • MAGLift™ technology is then expanded for vessels ranging from 28 meters to 164 meters (91.86-538 feet).
  • ARCHER™ ride control systems and XT™ (extended fin) drag reduction technology developed.


  • After using the MAGLift™ system to complete a new construction project in Brazil, Quantum is awarded a contract to produce Rotor Steering for commercial and military ships.
  • Six years after its inception, Quantum Zero Speed™ is widely heralded as the best customer-oriented improvement to yachting technology available to new construction, or for retrofit.


Quantum continues to expand its services and systems to incorporate the needs of private, commercial and military clients. Quantum operates out of the Netherlands and the United States with service and support teams accessible worldwide.