Consolidated Hydraulic Panel

Consolidated Hydraulic Panel

Innovation and continuous improvement drive Quantum stabilizer product development, and our Consolidated Hydraulic Panel simplifies installation and servicing by mounting and plumbing each hull unit’s hydraulic components on a single panel, reducing installation time and complexity. Available for Quantum hydraulic vessel roll stabilizer systems from our QC-1500 through the QC-2400, the CHP 1500-2400 mounts and plumbs the accumulator, centering pump, pressure filter, and manifold for each individual hull unit. Noise reduction through a single-point isolation system and state-of-the-art vibration mounts adds another benefit to the consolidated installation and service gains delivered by the CHP 1500-2400.

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Polished stainless steel tubing, a deep-black anodized manifold, and a high-gloss painted finish provide the appearance and durability required in the demanding marine environment. Ease of access for maintenance and the pre-mounted centering pump provide a significant payback over the life of a Quantum stabilizer system. And, a simplified installation due to the pre-plumbed and configured components reduces the required shipyard and builder connections compared to mounting and connecting the individual components required at each stabilizer hull unit.

The CHP 1500-2400 is available now as an option for Quantum stabilizer systems from our QC1500 through the QC2400, with one required for each hull unit. Please contact your Project Manager or our Sales team for more information. You can download a detailed specification sheet below.

PDF File Quantum CHP 1500-2400