Bow Steering

Quantum Bow Steering

Quantum's BR270 Bow-rotor maneuvering unit provides supplemental steering at the bow, for more control and precision maneuverability when course or position is critical. When not in demand, the bow-rotor retracts into a pocket within the framework of the hull. Hydraulic power is used to rotate, and extend and retract, the cylinders. To protect the hull and the unit, the control system senses a large impact and safely retracts the rotor into the hull pocket.

Rotary steering relies on the same concept that Quantum's MAGLift™ rotary stabilizers utilize- the Magnus Effect, the lift created by a rotating sphere or cylinder. Lift is proportional to the speed and direction of rotation, and Quantum's precisely controlled cylinders extend and spin in response to steering inputs, guiding the bow through tight channels or anchorages, controlling the bow during underway replenishment, and helping maintain dynamic positioning.

Quantum's BR series units can be integrated into a variety of hull designs, and are assembled, tested, and shipped as a unit for a packaged installation. For more information about the concept, application, and success of bow rotor steering, contact

Underway PDF Files Bow Steering Model Specifications BR270